​SAFECITY is the first metaverse to bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world.
​SAFECITY is built on the Solana blockchain, and provides outlets for the Solana ecosystem to exist in our metaverse. Building on Solana, the SAFECITY ecosystem and it's applications are designed to take advantage of Solana's low cost, high efficiency blockchain, allowing high transaction volume and NFT distribution at scale.
​SAFECOIN is the governing currency of SAFECITY and is used to transact inside the SAFECITY metaverse and in all SAFE Applications.
Explore the metaverse of SAFECITY in VR or from any web browser.
SAFESHOP - Virtual Commerce
Experiences in the metaverse can consist of anything that can be done in the real world. SAFECITY incorporates an ecosystem that houses virtual real estate, businesses, and experiences that are reflections of real-world interactions that the community can participate in.
Engage in SAFECITY by spending your SAFECOIN.​
SAFE GAMING - NFT Gaming Marketplace
Community members can engage in immersive experiences throughout SAFECITY while simultaneously participating in those same experiences in the real world. A seamless user experience end-to-end is of the most importance to our community members of SAFECITY.
SAFE CLUB - Virtual Concerts & Events
This portal serves as knowledge base for the SAFECITY platform. You can read our TOKENOMICS and ROADMAP, as well as dive into the different SAFE Applications currently in the pipeline. The docs describe the vision of the SAFECITY team.
New functionality or implementations may be introduced at any time.
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